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2 Years Advance Diploma

* This Program Effectively Trains You In Graphic, 2D, 3D Animation, VFX, Web Designing And Much More. Start Successful Career.

Term – 1 | CGD (Computer Graphic Designing)

In this semester students learn to visualize imagery, creating digital graphic, editing and optimizing of graphic for the web, including digital printing and broadcast media.

TERM - 1
WDesign & Visualization Fundamentals
Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals
Creating Illustrations Adobe Illustrator cc
Creating Artworks Corel Draw X7
Image Magic Adobe Photoshop cc
Design for Print and Advertising
Media Publishing Adobe Indesign cc

Term – 2 | FTVFX (Film & TV Visual Effects)

In this semester students learn storyboard writing, develop streaming audio, record and edit audio files, created video content and produce streaming video for the web, enrich video content by applying effects and prepare it for post-production job.

TERM - 2
Concept of Storyboarding
Working with Audio Adobe Audition
Video Streaming and Editing Adobe Premier Pro
Digital Fx Adobe After Effects Professional
Compositing with Nuke Nuke

Term – 3 | Web Designing

In this semester, students learn how to design an interactive website.

TERM - 3
Essentials of Web Designing
Designing for Web Using Markup Language and Style Sheets HTML 5 and CSS 3
Web Animation and Interactivity Adobe Flash Professional Action Scripting 3.0
Web Weaver Adobe Dreamweaver

Term – 4 | 3D WORLD

In this semester students learn to develop Broadcast quality 3D animation..

TERM - 3
3D Basics - Modeling to Animation Concepts
Modeling with 3D 3D Studio Max 2017
Lights, Camera and Materials 3D Studio Max 2017
3D Motion Graphics and Fx 3D Studio Max 2017
Rendering with V-Ray 3D Studio Max 2017 with V-Ray