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Logic Building with C++ and JAVA

IT Industry, today, is demanding true IT Professionals who can think and develop the complete applications themselves, and, unfortunately, there is a huge shortage of such graduates. Even, the graduates of the institutions and universities are not capable of programming. Most of them have the FEAR OF Programming. This course will prepare them so that they are capable of doing programming with confidence and lay foundation in their career.

Duration: 2 Months
Lectures:: 4 Classes per week
Lecture Duration 60 Minutes
Fee PKR 7,000/-

Course Contents:

• Logic Building
• Language
• Programming
• Programming Language
• Flow of Control
• Functions / Methods
• Data Types
• Arrays and Operations
• Structures
• Addresses, References, Pointers
• File Handling
• Classes
• Inheirtance
• Polymorphism
• Graphics
• Libraries and header files

Note: 20% discount for SCOCS students.
To book your seat, contact:
Ms. Sadaf Jahangir
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