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Computer Hardware A+

Objective of this course is to impart knowledge (Theoretical & Practical) regarding fundamentals of computer technology, installation, assembling/ disassembling and configuration of PC’s, electricity, electronics, laptops and related hardware etc, to the trainees so that they are able to start a career as Computer Hardware Technician and earn their livelihood by repairing computer and other peripheral devices

Duration: 2 Months
Lectures:: 2 Classes per week
Lecture Duration 60 Minutes
Fee PKR 6,000/-

Course Contents:

• Basic Electricity, Electronics and Digital Electronics
• Computer Hardware Fundamentals (Assembling / De-Assembling)
• BIOS and Motherboards
• Memory, Expansion Cards and Storage Devices
• CPUs, Connections, and Power Supplies
• Configurations, Displays, Connectors, & Peripherals
• Network Cabling, IP Addressing, Ports, and Protocols
• Networking Technologies
• Networking Devices and Tools
• Laptops / Printers
• Computer Software Fundamentals & PC Boot Processing
• Introducing Microsoft Windows
• Installing and Configuring Windows
• Optimizing Windows
• Managing Windows
• Security and Data Disposal
• Mobile WI-FI Devices
• System Troubleshooting
• General Troubleshooting / Maintenance & Testing

Note: 40% discount for SCOCS students.
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