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About Us

Background & History of Sir Syed College of Computer Science
After the War of Independence of 1857, the great reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan visited Europe to observe their educational system with the eventual objective of improving and developing the socio- conditions of the Muslims of the subcontinent through education. During his visit, he came across the reputed journals such as Tatler, Spectator and Guardian and was deeply impressed by the articles related to social progress. Realizing this as a step towards the progress, he decided to bring out a journal for the welfare and social development of the Muslims in the subcontinent. Inspired by Ibne Khazin Razi's famous book the journal was named "Tehzibul Akhlaq". The first copy of Tehzibul Akhlaq was circulated on 24th December 1870. This journal became the founding stone of the Muslim Anglo Oriental College in 1877 and ultimately the Aligarh Muslim University in 1920. In furtherance of the mission of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Tehzibul Akhlaq Trust (TAT) was established in 1961 at Lahore by the enlightened, progressive and devoted alumni of Aligarh Muslim University and some other eminent scholars and philanthropists. TAT is running two educational campuses, one located at Manga spreading over 50 acres of land and the other at Gulberg on an area measuring 2.25 acres. Manga Campus includes Boys High School & College and Girls School. The Gulberg Campus encompasses Girls High School, College for Women and a separate High School for Boys. Sir Syed College of Computer Science (SCOCS), an affiliate college of UET Lahore offering 4 years B.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Science, is a project of TAT. It is a step towards ultimate.

To become a leading Computer Science education Institution, inculcating professionalism, mannerism and rational thinking.


  • To provide sound academic foundation and demonstrate practical applications of concepts and techniques to the students enabling them to develop analytical thinking and design.
  • To focus on character building, professional ethics, inter-personal communication and presentation skills of our students.
  • To use the latest techniques and technologies in instruction for effective Computer Science teaching.
  • To emphasize on extra-curricular activities to develop balanced personalities.